sd2snes Flash Cart Deluxe Set (Black)

for the SNES. No licensed Nintendo product. Deluxe Set, including packaging and SD Card

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System SNES
Edition Deluxe-Set

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sd2snes flash cartridge for SNES with SD/MMC interface

The Deluxe Set includes a SNES-Style packaging incl. printed manual as well as an 32GB SD-Card with the OS preinstalled.

If you are a collector, you might also have experienced that some of your old cartridges stopped working...

What would you say if there was a way to make sure you can still play your old games for the next years on your original console?

Well, that's possible - but that's not all!

The sd2snes can do A LOT more than just playing games.
Besides playing more games than the Super Everdrive, it has quite a few unique features included. It's the best SNES Flashcart out there!
This allows playing SNES programs and games on the original SNES console by simply copying the game files on a standard SD Card.
Ideal for homebrew and playing legal backups of your old cartridges.

Here's a list of Features:

+ SD/SDHC/SDXC support (tested up to 64GB; no exFAT support so SDXC cards must be reformatted using FAT32)
+ High quality push-push memory card slot
+ Fast ROM loading (~9MB/s)
+ Fast menu navigation
+ Directories are sorted automatically, no need for FAT sorting tools
+ High resolution menu (512×224) for adequate display of long file names 
+ Real Time Clock
+ Supports ROM size up to 128MBit (96Mbit actually implemented)
+ Automatic near-time SRAM saving to SD Card (while the game runs). Enhancement chip support like BS-X, DSPs, GSU, MSU, etc.(check official website for current status)
+ SuperCIC key (SNES CIC clone)
+ Plays all regions on all unmodified consoles, incl. 50/60Hz switching
+ Auto region patching: eliminates This Game Pak is not designed messages regardless of 50/60Hz setting

The SD2SNES will be delivered in a completely new casing with sticker.
It will fit and work in ANY SNES / Super Famicom console (JAP/US/EU) 

Note: We don't support ILLEGAL COPIES - don't do that as well!
Only use these modules to play legal BACKUP copies of games you own or for homebrew games!


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      Empty packaging for the sd2snes

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      for the SNES. No licensed Nintendo product.

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    • 10,92 €
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      A fast MicroSDHC-Card (doesn't work with Everdrives - but with the sd2snes).

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