Mega Everdrive X7 White - Deluxe Set

For the Sega Megadrive, incl. packaging and 32GB Micro SD Card

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System MegaDrive/Gen.
Edition Deluxe-Set

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Mega Everdrive flash cartridge for SEGA megadrive (genesis) with packaging and Micro SD Card with preinstalled OS!

Note: Formerly known as MegaEverdrive V2.

If you are a collector, you might also have experienced that some of your old cartridges stopped working...

What would you say if there was a way to make sure you can still play your old games for the next years on your original console?

Well, that's possible!

The Mega Everdrive allows playing MegaDrive / Genesis, 32X AND Sega Master System programs and games on the original MegaDrive / Genesis console by simply copying the game files on a standard MicroSD Card.
Ideal for homebrew and playing legal backups of your old cartridges.

The features of the MegaEverdrive X7:

+ Supports 99% of games from SEGA library
+ 128mbit (16mbyte) PSRAM.
+ 120mbit (15mbyte) max ROM size.
+ 256Kbyte Battery RAM
+ Firmware update through SD card
+ FAT32 file system supported.
+ SD cards up to 32GB.
+ Instant loading (1-2 sec).
+ Built in audio playback. WAV, GYM, TFC
+ USB port for homebrew development and for future features.
+ In-game menu that allows access back to menu system without leaving the sofa.
+ Snapshot Saves.
+ Regular game battery back-up saves.
+ Genesis, Mega-drive, Sega Master System, and 32X games supported.
+ Hardware MEGAKEY.
+ CD BIOS loading.
+ CD RAM cart feature.
+ Cheats feature. Game Genie and Play-Action Replay format supported.

Comparison table between the various MegaEverdrive X-Versions:

Mega Everdrive X3 Mega Everdrive X5 Mega Everdrive X7
Memory Type 16Mbyte PSRAM 8Mbyte PSRAM 8Mbyte PSRAM
Save RAM 256Kbyte SRAM 128Kbyte SRAM 128Kbyte, shared with ROM memory
Hardware Core Altera Cyclone II FPGA, MAX II CPLD Lattice ICE40 FPGA Lattice ICE40 FPGA
Release Date 2015-01-02 2016-09-14 2016-09-14
SD Interface Speed Read 2.8MB/s, Write 1MB/s Read 1MB/s, Write 1MB/s Read 1MB/s, Write 1MB/s
OS Type MEGA-OS v3x MEGA-OS v3x MEGA-OS v3x
Save State Yes No No
In-Game Menu Yes No No
Big size hacks support (e.g. UMKT) Yes No No
USB Port for Development Yes No No
Audio Playback WAV, GYM, TFC GYM, TFC GYM, TFC
Sega-CD RAM Cart Yes Yes No
Custom Stereo DAC Yes No No
EEPROM Saves Support Partial No No
Extended SSF2 Mapper Support Yes Partial Partial
Hardware Core Update through SD (Firmware) Yes No No
Software Core Update through SD (OS) Yes Yes Yes
Hardware Mega-Key Yes Yes No
SMS Pause Button Yes Yes No
Saves without Reset Yes Yes No

Note: We don't support ILLEGAL COPIES - don't do that as well!
Only use these modules to play legal BACKUP copies of games you own or for homebrew games!


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