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MegaDrive Audio-Fix (CCAM)

Fixed the "faulty" audio of some MegaDrive / Genesis models to sound almost as good as the original

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for brand Sega
System MegaDrive/Gen.
System Type Console
Custom Part Modification

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The MegaDrive / Genesis is a great 16bit console! Unfortunately Sega released a few revisions which have really bad audio (the later revision of the model 1 and the early revisions of model 2).

It hisses and sounds muffled... some games sound totally wrong.
That's not how it should be!

That's what the CCAM (Crystal Clear Audio Mod) fixes. A small mod which makes a huge difference.
I've modded my own MegaDrive II and it finally sounds as good as my original MegaDrive I :)

What does the mod do?

It surpasses the original audio circuit and replaces it with it's own.

Does that have any negative side effects?

Not really - unless you want to use the Mono-Output, as that gets disabled (but honestly - who would want that?)

Is the mod hard to do?

Not at all. The MegaDrive/Genesis is an older console, so there are no tiny parts in there you need to desolder. All of them are pretty big.
Anyone who has soldered before should be able to do it.

You can also download the instructions below on this product page.

In case you don't want to do it yourself, you can also let us do the mod for you.

How do I know that my console is affected?

Well, just listen to the audio. If it sounds bad, it's affected. Okay, if you don't have a good console to compare it to, it might not be so easy. But play any Sonic game... collecting the rings sounds really, really bad. Unclean, in some way.

You can, of course, also check that by examining your console.
Affected is model 1 revision VA7 and model 2 revision VA0, VA1 and VA1.8.

More information how to find out your revision (without even opening the console) can be found on this thread in the Sega16-forum.



CCAM-Mod-Instructions (German)

Download (1.63M)


CCAM-Mod-Instructions (English)

Download (1.63M)

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